Recycled Snowmen Part 2: Paint Stick Snowmen


Wally the Welcome Doorknob Dangler Snowman

paint stick snowman, snowman crafts, snowman activities, snowmen, snowmen art, snowmen projects, recycled art, recycling activities, Popsicle stick activities, Posicle stick art, Christmas gifts, Christmas crafts, snowman crafts, As promised, here is my other recycled snowman project.  This is as inexpensive to make as the tin can snowman.

I went to the Home Depot, told them I was a teacher, showed them my project and asked if I could please have 20 paint sticks.  They said, “No problem.”   Wal-Mart, Meijer’s and other places that sell paint have also been generous.

Later, my class composed a thank you card and everyone signed it.  If your parents don’t have a problem with photographing their children, it’s always cute to include a photo, with students holding up their adorable creations.

paint stick snowman, Christmas gifts kids can make, Christmas crafts, snowman crafts, snowman activities, recycled art, recycling activities, snowmen, Wally the Welcome Snowman is a “doorknob hanger”.  A dab of hot glue or a large glue dot will hold the yarn tie in place on the back.  Simply slip him over the doorknob and declare whether you’d like it to snow or melt.


paint stick snowmen, snowmen, snowmen activities, snowmen crafts, snowman art, snowman activities, recycled art, recycling activities, Christmas gifts, Christmas crafts, Run off my heart templates on red construction paper and laminate.

Students cut out two.  They’ll need two pairs of Velcro dots.

After they have finished painting, one Velcro dot will go on the backs of the hearts, the other on the front and back of the snowman.  (Whatever heart you are not using, gets tucked away on the back so that you don’t lose it. )

You’ll also need mini Popsicle sticks.  To expedite things, glue them to the paint sticks.  This will help your students know what to paint white and what to paint black.

Even tho’ a hot glue gun works extremely fast, I find that young children are rough with what they work on and these little sticks have a tendency to pop off, so I glue them on with E6000.

It’s a stinky glue, so make sure you have proper ventilation.  Short of breaking them off, they will stay put!


Children paint the bottom of their stick white.  I use the acrylic paint that comes in the little bottles for less than a dollar at Wal-Mart.  You can also get the larger size for around $2.  If you want your snowmen shiny, buy GLOSS paint.

Students can hang on to the hat part to paint the back of their paint stick, the front should be dry by the time they are done, so they can lay them down to dry.  In the afternoon, paint the hats.

I buy plaid ribbon during the after Christmas sales.  Cut 6-inch long strips and wrap them around the paint stick where you feel the snowman’s neck should be.

I glue these on with Aileen’s tacky glue.   Do this BEFORE students paint on a face, as it will help them know where to put their face on.

snowman activities, snowman crafts, Christmas gifts, Christmas crafts, paint stick snowman, snowman art, snowmen art, snowmen crafts, snowman gifts, Using Q-tips, have students dot on a face, heart and buttons.  I put a tiny dollop of the various colors of paint on small paper plates in the middle of their table.

Toothpicks work best, if students want to make a little snowflake or holly on the hat.

Be sure and model how to paint these things, so they have step-by-step directions of “how to”.  Just as with the tin can snowmen, it’s a good idea for little ones to practice on a piece of scrap paper before they paint their face on their paint stick.

I use a fine-tipped black flair, to write the children’s last name on the bottom of the paddle, as many of them have long names and this would be difficult for them to accomplish.

Click on the link to view/print the pattern, directions and pix for the Snowman Paint Stick

Be sure and pop back tomorrow for how to make an adorable snowman out of a sock!

Do you have a fun snowman project that you do with your students? I’d enjoy hearing from you!

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