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Punched 100 Day Banners

100 day banner, 100 day ideas, 100 day activities, 100 day bulletin boards, 100 day bulletin board ideas, 100 day bookmarkI wanted to give you plenty of time to dash off to the store to get some cool metal punches or track down the teacher or scrapbook queen who has a great collection, so that you can borrow them for 100 Day, so I’m posting this 100 Day idea a bit early for some of you, others may be celebrating in January all-to-soon!

This quick and easy center makes an awesome bulletin board, or punch a hole in the top corners, slide a piece of yarn through and you’ve got lovely banners to hang back-to-back from the ceiling or as a border along the top wall of your hallway.

Simply set up a table with a variety of punches, this could also be done with stamps or stickers.  Add a student's picture in the top corner and you've made a nice keepsake.

Inform your students that the things they cut out or stamp will take the place of zeros, and that they will also need to make a 1 to go in front.

Since my punches are large, I cut construction paper banners that were 5 ½ x 11 ½.  Make yours smaller if you’re using stamps or stickers.   These will make cute bookmarks.

To expedite things and make the banners pop, I made up labels.  You could also have your students practice their writing skills and have them write at the top and bottom of their banners.

I’m posting the label templates in DOC format so that you can simply type in something else if you want.

Highlight my name and type in your students’ names.  Put Avery labels in your printer (my printer has them face-down) and click print.  I do ONE sheet at a time. Click on the links to view/print the 100 Day, name label #1 and 100 days smarter label #2 

Put your labels at your table top center.  Students find their name, peel and stick!  Click on the link to view/print the article's directions & pix, 100-Day Banner idea.   Click on the link to zoom to my other 100-Day FREEBIES.

100 Day activities, 100 Day banner, 100 Day crafts, 100 Day lessons,Thank you for visiting. Feel free to PIN anything you think others will find helpful.

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