Send A Letter From Santa to Your Students/Child

A Letter From Santa
letter from Santa, I wondered if getting a personal letter from Santa would help improve my students’ energetic December behavior (they are soooo excited!) and add to the wonder of Christmas.

So one afternoon 12 years ago, I decided to sit down and become Santa for an hour and I composed a letter for a boy and one for a girl, then I put each of my student’s names in, put some Christmas - printed paper in my copier and within 10 minutes I had 40 personal letters from Santa!

  •  I designed some adorable North Pole address labels, + a sticker that said: A Letter From SANTA
  • a letter from SantaXeroxed off a coloring page,
  • Tucked in a sticker and took it a step farther...
  • I bought a box of Quaker Oats at the grocery store and a big bottle of blue glitter and I made up an enticing batch of “reindeer food” for Rudolph and the gang.
  • Craft stores sell the little clear Ziploc bags in packs of 100 for $1.49, so with spoon in hand I was in business scooping 1 spoon of oats and 1/4 teaspoon of glitter into a tiny bag. (Mix thoroughly.)
  • A Christmas Stamp printed in green on the envelope was the finishing touch.
  • I wrote everything with a green and red marker and tucked in a note explaining about the bag of glitter oats.
  • Anything we send to students our school pays the postage for, so my total investment was around $7.00.
  • Buy everything when things are deeply discounted after Christmas and you'll save even more!
  • My students are thrilled. They get the cards in a day;  some of them even bring them in to share with me.
  • The looks of excitement and the sparkle in their eyes make the extra time and effort definitely worth it!
  • The thing that’s amazing is that each year that I’ve done this, is that right after the children receive their cards their behavior really does IMPROVE! I don't know if it's because of the card or not, and I don't really care, but I will continue to do it for as long as I teach. 
  • a letter from SantaI now send them to my grandchildren. 
  • One year I had a mom ask if she could have a copy to run off for the rest of her children.  So now I keep extra's available for parents who request it.
  • I have a girl and a boy version for you. Simply write your students names in and put the Christmas paper face down in your copy machine, or face up depending on your copier.
  • For those of you who are subscription members you can print my Santa address labels by putting my master in your printer with a sheet of 30-count Avery labels in the paper tray (one sheet at a time.) My HP printer has the labels face down. Follow the directions for yours.
  • letter from SantaThe labels and Reindeer food insert are available in A Letter From Santa Extra's.
I don’t mention the cards in my newsletter. I guess I want my parents to wonder who on earth Santa is too.  After all,  I still hear the bells!  Do you?
Pop back tomorrow to see how to make a darling keepsake fingerprint snowman ornament! It makes an adorable keepsake!
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