Teaching CVC Words Part 2


More Fun With CVC Words

As promised, here is another creative way to get CVC words into your students' heads! Play BINGO with them.  I’ve made up 9 sets of word cards with 20 different cards in each set, using 225 CVC words.CVC bingo cards, CVC word cards, CVC word list, CVC ideas, CVC activities, CVC lessons, CVC games, CVC certificates,

CVC bingo cards, CVC word cards, CVC word list, CVC games, CVC certificates, CVC words, CVC ideas, CVC lessons, CVC activities, teaching CVC words, Here’s what to do:

Run each set off on a DIFFERENT color of construction paper. This way you can tell that those color cards deal with a specific set of  25 words.

To give your cards more pizzazz, add a star or smilie sticker to the center “free” space.  The stickers you choose for each set could also vary.

Laminate and cut out the cards.

Make an extra white set to cut into pieces.

There are 25 words per set.  Because of the FREE space, there are only 24 words used on each card.

Glue the white pieces onto the matching color construction paper for each set of CVC Bingo cards.

These pieces will be the cards that you draw so that students can put their “markers” on their bingo cards.

Keep the pieces in Snack Baggies.

Put the matching Snack Baggie in a file folder with the matching set of CVC bingo cards.

Each week play with a different set of words.

Dried beans are an inexpensive “marker”.

CVC bingo cards, CVC word cards, CVC games, CVC word list, CVC certificates, CVC lessons, CVC activities, CVC flashcards, CVC ideas, teaching CVC wordsOther fun things to do with the cards:

Run off an individual page (two cards per page) to send home with each child so they can play at home with a parent.

Child can cut up one card and play with the other.  The object here is simply to look for the word and put a marker on it, filling up their entire card as a great review of those words.

Another fun game to use the cards with:

CVC bingo cards, CVC word list, CVC certificates, CVC lessons, CVC ideas, CVC letter tiles, CVC activities, CVC games, CVC word cards, teaching CVC wordsPlay “Cover & Match”. Run off a set of words on two different colors of copy paper.

CVC certificates, CVC word cards, CVC lessons, CVC activities, CVC games, CVC bingo cards, CVC ideas, CVC certificates, CVC word list, teaching CVC words, CVC word flashcards, Laminate the paper and cut out the words.

Put the set of colors in two different Snack Baggies.

Children choose a partner and take turns rolling a dice.

If they roll an even number they get to take a CVC word tile out of their bag, read it and find the matching word on their bingo card, which they cover with the tile.

If they roll an odd number they lose their turn.You could also play that if they roll an even number they get to place 2 CVC word tiles on their bingo card.  If they roll and odd number, they get to place 1 CVC word tile on their bingo card.

To make things even more interesting, you could add that if students roll a 6, they have to remove 1 of their CVC word tiles from their Bingo card.

Top it all off by awarding certificates.  I've included 2 kinds. CVC certificates, CVC bingo cards, CVC games, CVC lessons, CVC activities, CVC ideas, CVC word list, CVC word cards, CVC games

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