More Back To School Ideas: Icebreakers

  Surveys Are Fun Ice Breakers For The First Day Of School

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Are you trying to think of something different to do as an icebreaker for a fun first day of school activity?  How about a survey?

My Y5’s loved carrying around a clipboard and asking questions.  It makes them feel “grown up” and important, or so they tell me when I ask them why everyone always wants to use my clipboards.

You can buy packs of 12 at Sam’s Club for a reasonable price.  They came in handy for this purpose as well as having them write in the hallway when we went on measurement adventures, or outside when we went on scientific explorations to collect data.

They are great as lapboards for when I had students writing in a circle on the floor as well, so I certainly got my money’s worth!

surveys, first day icebreakers, fun icebreakers for the first day of school, back to school ideas, ideas for back to schoolDirections:

  • Gather your students together and brainstorm a list of yes or no questions and write them on the board.
  • I’ve also included a list of suggestions.
  • Each child chooses a different question.
  • Set a timer and allow students to take their survey sheet and clipboard around to interview their new friends.
  • Older students can write their friend’s name in the appropriate column, younger students can simply mark an X.

  • The teacher should also participate.
  • After the timer rings, give students a moment to add up each column.
  • Gather students back into a circle to share their results.
  • Everyone learns a little bit about everybody in a fun way.
  • You can even graph results as a math extension. 

This information can be found in my Back To School Packet. Click on the link to view/download it.  

 Until next time… have fun breaking that ice, making friends and melting hearts!

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