3-D Shapes

6 pages. An adorable decoration that changes from a flat circle shape to a triangle and then into a 3-D pyramid shape! Makes a great table decoration or perfect for place cards too.
4 pages. 30 cards with words or shapes on them. Use them as flashcards, for your word-wall, make Memory Match games, or have students make 2 Itty Bitty books; one for flat shapes and one for 3D shapes.
3 pages. Help build a child's self-esteem by giving them a certificate when they have mastered this standard. 2 different certificates; one for 3D shapes and one for regular shapes. The basic shape certificate comes in color as well as Blk & Wht
3 pages. Students sort flat or 3D shapes on 3 different mats.
3 pages. Graph students favorite shapes: flat and 3D.
23 pages. Students learn the 3-D shapes by tracing and then writing the shape words + matching a real-life picture to the object.
19 pages. Help students learn flat and 3-dimensional shapes by making these 3 class books.
42 pages. Lots of fun ways to learn 3 dimensional shapes.
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