2 pages.

Make a manipulative for the adorable pumpkin poem: Pumpkin, pumpkin round and fat, turned into a Jack-O-Lantern just like that. Students color, cut and glue their pumpkins back-to-back on a Popsicle stick and then flip their pumpkin puppet when appropriate, while saying the rhyme. The original idea came from Teacher Mama.

10 pages.

These hands-on pumpkin sliders, make practicing, reviewing, and assessing a lot more fun. There's a pumpkin template for 3 different pumpkins: Children can draw on the face, add wiggle eyes, or color the completed one. Included are slider strips for upper and lowercase letters, counting numbers from 0-30, skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, and 10's, + a "blast off" slider for counting backwards from 10 to 0 or 20 to 0.

4 pages.

This pumpkin slider "craftivity" is a fun way to review the various flat-shapes and their shape words.  You can make one and use as a teacher manipulative, or have all of your students make one.  It's a quick whole-group or individual assessment tool too.

5 pages.

Learn about pumpkins with this cute "craftivity." Completed projects look adorable twirling from the ceiling. Includes a graphing extension. The "Peekin'" portion of this FREEBIE is in my whopping 85-page  Life Cycle of a Pumpkin packet in my TpT shop. For your convenience, I've included a PREVIEW with the FREEBIE here.

2 pages.

31-pumpkin related words to help build your students' vocabularies and spelling abilities. Includes an answer key.

4 pages.

Mazes are wonderful higher-level thinking activities, that help exercise student brains.  They are nice to handout to "early finishers" or run some off and tuck in your sub folder.  There are 4 pumpkin mazes from easy (for PreK) to more difficult.

10 pages.

Help students practice counting, graphing, colors, identifying shapes, and addition + listening and following directions, with these 4 worksheets. Afterwards, have children analyze their graph, by asking them the questions from the discussion sheet. This is a special fall FREEBIE in my TpT shop.

16 pages.

Help students practice upper and lowercase letter recognition, with this fun, self-checking activity.  The alphabet cards, can also be used for a variety of other games. Packet includes: an idea sheet, a blank template to program with whatever, Kaboom cards for more games, + a personal "pumpkin pal" tally sheet, so children can keep track of their results and practice math skills too!

9 pages. Common Core State Standards: K.MD.1a, K.MD.2, 1.MD.1, 1.MD.2

Help your students learn about measurement, with this quick, easy and fun booklet.  Students measure height, weight, width and circumference of a pumpkin. They trace and write vocabulary-building words, predict, answer questions, + collect and analyze data.

13 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.4, RF.K.1d, L.1.1a

Help students practice letter recognition with these fun search and find "craftivities."  Children choose a fall template, trace it, cut it out and then search for upper and lowercase letters that begin with that particular shape: i.e. a child who chooses an apple, will look for Aa's. They circle and count the letters as they go.  The matching worksheet, has a child predict how many letters they think they will find.  Later, they fill in the rest of the data.  Two graphing extensions are also included.

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