32 pages. Over 200 traceable word cards that help your students with skip counting and recognizing upper and lowercase letters. Children enjoy sharing these just-my-size booklets with their family, which reinforces the lessons that they learned at school

61 pages.
Your students will really enjoy playing these games, as they slap a variety of groundhog cards, with a flyswatter, to show that they know specific standards. 


7 pages. A hands-on way to help students understand place value. Your students will enjoy playing this "Speed" game.

5 pages. A fun way for students to practice addition and subtraction using dice and dominoes.

34 pages. What a fun way for students to practice reading and writing! Children either roll dice or spin a spinner to collect words in order to make sentences.
8 pages. Common Core State Math Standard: 1.NBT.3 Alligobbler is an alligator made out of a green envelope,that's a wonderful math manipulative, helping students understand the concept of greater and less than.
14 pages. A fun way to help students with number sense and be able to increase their ability to guess how many.
11 pages. Several spinner games and graphing extensions to add to the fun of studying apples!

3 pages. Make a duplicate set, laminate and make into a Memory Match game. Make copies and have students make Itty Bitty booklets that they will enjoy sequencing and sharing with their families.

28 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d A great ice breaker for the first day of school and a fun way to find where things are located. Teachers are freed up to do other tasks, while students are occupied in an easy, yet educational activity.
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