20 pages. Help your students review counting to 30 + skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's with these turkey counting cards.

20 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d Includes Upper and lowercase letters together, + separate uppercase letters and separate lowercase letters, so you can play Memory Match games as well as "I Have;Who Has?" games. Includes a tip list of what

1 page. Your students will have fun reinforcing their addition skills, as they roll the dice and compete against their classmates to see who can make equations that equal the sums on the Mayflower picture, and then be the first to color it.
7 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3 Study analog and digital time with these election-themed games.
40 pages. Plug in some math activities as you study the election! This packet has a nice variety of counting,skip counting, addition, subtraction, greater and less than, and even some online research activities directly related to the current election.
2 pages. You may not have to have them in every state, but a voter registration card,is a fun activity for students to make before they can vote in your mock election. Send them back to their desk if they forget to show you their card before they enter
22 pages. Common Core State Standards:RF.K1d, L.1.1a A very versatile packet that helps reinforce upper and lowercase letter recognition in a fun way.
6 pages. Common Core State Math Standard: 1.MD.3 Teach analog and digital time with these fun pumpkin activities.

19 pages. Vowel Owls are a fun, hands-on way to teach Common Core State Standards:RF.K3b, RF.K2a, RF.K2d, RF.K3c. Students sort the 570 CVC & Dolch word cards into the various long and short vowel owl cups.

9 pages. Common Core State Standard: K.OA.5 Students solve simple addition problems by cutting and gluing the puzzle pieces answers to the appropriate equation.
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