11 pages. A red-hot way to review numbers, counting, sequencing and addition to a favorite tune. Sing the song backwards and explore subtraction.

6 pages. A quick and easy way to reinforce the idea of dialing 911.  This booklet has been UPDATED.

8 pages. A sweet way to practice spatial directions as well as cutting and gluing while following directions of where to place their candy corn.
9 pages. Children will have fun solving the mystery while they practice their subtraction and writing equation skills in this fun booklet.
Here's a sampling of the 8 pages. A delicious way for children to review the 6 shapes and learn a bit of trivia about this sweet treat!
11 pages. Let this old-fashioned tune help you review numbers 1 through 10. What a fun way to learn numbers as students practice tracing and writing them.
51 pages of fun and easy fall art projects, cards + activities to do with your children all based on Y5 report card standards
8 pages. Here kitty kitty. Children enjoy reviewing spatial directions with their black cats.
9 pages of meowy mayhem. I don't like this tongue! What's the best one for your kitty cat, a circle, triangle, rectangle or square? How about a heart or an oval?
11 pages. A "purr-fect" way to review counting, number - word recognition, addition & subtraction (if you sing backwards too), as well as practice writing and sequencing numbers to a favorite tune!
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