Treats & Gifts

2 pages.

"Chews" to have the best year yet, and launch it with this quick and easy treat.

10 pages.

Packet includes a fish-theme bulletin board and several back-to-school treats and treat bag ideas, with templates for preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade, plus a blank pattern to fill in with whatever.

7 pages.

A simple, quick and inexpensive way to welcome your students.  Great alternative to an edible gift.

2 pages.

Quick, easy and inexpensive treat for your students' first day of school.

Print off the star template (2 to choose from) and attach Starburst candy with glue dots.

2 pages.

Super-easy and inexpensive treat for your students, to welcome them on their 1st day. Children can take home to freeze and eat later, or give students a choice of flavors, freeze at school in the cafeteria so they can be eaten at the end of the day.

2 pages.

For a quick and easy back-to-school treat, that can be used for snack time, print off these Welcome tags and attach to a mini box of cereal.

3 pages.

A quick, easy and rather inexpensive treat bag to give your students on the 1st day of school.


15 pages.

Choose a template (PK-highschool) to make a sweet back-to-school bookmark for your students. "You're going to have a grand time in (grade)."

6 pages. 2 different sailboat "craftivities." One for the end of the year with students sailing into the summer; the other for the beginning of the year when students are sailing into a new school year.

8 pages. Make these treats for your students st the end of the year using the summer template, or the beginning of the year using the "Orange you glad you're in __________ grade" header.

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