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4 pages. A great math extension for Leap Day! Give students the 3 rules to figure out past and future Leap Years and have them answer the mystery question: When were the last Leap Years and when will the next one be? Finish up with the bookmark and a ju

10 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d Your students will enjoy making and collecting these 6 different animal sliders. Use them as a fun way to assess students too!

45 pages. A variety of fun table top activities for your students for Leap Day.
12 pages. Interesting activities for your frog themes as well as a nice plug in for your Leap Day activities too!

5 pages Students cut and glue the matching coins to the cover and slit the flaps to reveal information underneath that they fill in. Information includes the name of the coin, the color, the value, what President is on the coin and how many tally marks i

6 pages. 2 writing "craftivities" perfect for President's Day or your money lessons. Look closely at the penny. Students write in the city they were born + the year. They also think of a quote or something they'd like to put on the top of their
3 pages. This is a great center activity for President's Day.

5 pages. Make a Washington or Lincoln hat as a fun center activity for President's Day.

12 pages. A little bit of this and that for tabletop activities for President's Day + a crafty bookmark gift you can make your students or use as a center activity.
15 pages. Make these easy and inexpensive valentine gifts for your students out of broken crayons and follow it up with a valentine crayon rub - center activity, that's perfect for party day!
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