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Make these sparkling webs after you read The Very Busy Spider. I mixed Elmer's glue with white paint. A black construction paper circle is placed in a metal cake pan.  A dollop of the paint-glue is put in the middle and a marble is placed on top.  Students manuever the pan to "spin" a web.  When they are happy with the results, they sprinkle opalescent or silver glitter on their creation.  I've included a colored web with the poem on it.

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Before reading The Very Busy Spider, grab your students' attention with this awesome spider cutting "craftivity" and review symmetry at the same time.

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This packet is filled with all sorts of interesting writing activities with a spider theme.

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Your students will enjoy making "Inky" the spider slider.  Use him as a review, or whole-group assess by calling out a shape and having students hold up Inky when they slide to it.  Colors can also be reinforced, as well as spatial directions: Put your spider slider in your right hand; put Inky above your head, under your arm etc.

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This is a quick and easy autumn "craftivity" with awesome results.  Completed projects make a wonderful fall bulletin board.  Students sharpen old peeled crayons and sprinkle the shavings on one of 7 bare tree templates.   An adult presses a warm iron on top of a sheet of waxed paper that covers the child's creation.  The shavings blend to make more colors.  For a bit of pizzazz, mount on black construction paper.  This craftivity will be FREE for an entire year, after which time it will be up-dated and placed in Diane's Dollar Deals in my TpT shop. 

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Teach a bit of Columbus trivia with this sweet "craftivity."

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Learn a bit of trivia about Columbus by making this pop-up card.

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14 different number strip puzzles with a Columbus theme. Each set includes counting from 1-10, counting backwards from 10 to 1 and skip counting by 10's to 100.  Print, laminate and trim.  Keep each puzzle in its own Baggie.  These make a nice independent math center, or run them off and give each child a choice of one to cut and  put on their own template, to later take home to further reinforce number sequencing.  Choose 3 or 4 and make a puzzle "Flip & Find" booklet. 

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A fun way to practice patterning, is by making a paper chain.  This is a quick, easy and fun "craftivity" for Columbus Day.

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Review the 5 senses with this cute pumpkin "craftivity."  Students cut out the words and label Sam.

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