Writing Prompts of the Month

For more writing prompts, click on the link.  I've made a booklet that contains some for each month on a variety of topics!

may writing prompts, writing prompts for mayMonthly:

It’s Better Hearing and Speech Month. Out of all of your 5 senses, which is your favorite and why?  OR… if you were in an accident and lost one of your senses, which would you give up and why?  OR…what sense could you NOT live without and why?

It is Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  Here’s the scenario: you’ve just seen the doctor, and he’s given you the horrific news that you have an inoperable brain tumor.  You only have one year to live!  What will you do and how will you change the way you live the last year of your life knowing this?  Are you glad you found out ahead of time or would you rather not have known?

It’s Carrots and Cauliflower Month. Do you like these vegetables? If you could only eat 2 vegetables for a month, what would they be and why?  How would you eat them so that things wouldn’t get boring?

It’s National Clean Air Month; here’s the scenario: What can people do to help keep the air clean?  What specifically can young people do?   Do you think these things will really help?  Do a little online research.  Where is the cleanest air found?

It’s Family Wellness Month:  What kinds of things are you doing to stay well?  Is your family/are you healthy?  What can you do to get better and be healthier?  Do you want to try and do that?  Why or why not?

writing propts for may, may writing promptsIt’s Freedom Shrine Month.  Some people say: Freedom isn’t free!  What do you think they mean by that?  What does freedom mean to you?

Get Caught Reading is celebrated this month.  What are you reading right now? Sell it to me so that I want to read that book too.  OR…What is the best book you ever read and why?  OR… What book have you read that you wish they would make into a moving and why and who would you cast as the main characters?

It’s Gifts From The Garden Month! Let’s say you have a truly fantasy garden and it could grow all kinds of supernatural gifts, not just food and flowers or plants.  What kinds of gifts would you garden grow, what would your garden look like and what would you do with the gifts your garden grew?

Motorcycle Safety Month is celebrated in May: You can buy any motorcycle you want! What kind, color etc. will you buy?  Where will you go for your first ride?

It’s National Foster Care Month: Your parents have decided to take in a Foster child.  How do you feel about that?  Would you like a foster brother or sister?  Why do you think this program is important? OR…

You have just adopted a grama or grampa to visit at a home each week and help take care of.  What will you do with them to help out?  Do you think it’s important to visit the elderly?

National Good Car Keeping Month is celebrated in May:  Let’s pretend you are 18 and just got a brand new car for your birthday!  What kind is your dream car?  What color?  Details-details?  Where will you go for your first spin?  Who will you call to go for a drive with you? How do you plan to take good care of your car?

may writing prompts, writing prompts for mayIt’s National Hamburger Month:  Do you like hamburgers or hot dogs better?  What’s your favorite kind of hamburger?  What does it have on it?  Well, now take all those various types of hamburgers and all the fixin’s and throw a Happy Hamburger Month of May party!  Who will you invite? What will the decorations look like?  What else will you have to eat?  What will the entertainment be?  Remember your theme is hamburgers!

Happy National Meditation Month! Do you meditate to find peace of mind? How do you de-stress in your life and relax and get into a peaceful tranquil state?  If you could plan the perfect day so that you could really kick back and chill what would it be like, what would you do, where would you go and who would you do these things with?

It’s National Mental Health Month. What things drive you crazy and what do you do to keep sane?

Happy National Military Appreciation Month. Why not write a letter to someone in the military and tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing for your country! OR…Would you ever want to serve in the military?  Why or why not?  OR…if there was another 911 and you were 18 and we went to war, would you join?  Could you kill another person?  Why or why not?

National Moving Month is also celebrated in May:  Have you ever moved?  Write about that experience.  Were you glad you moved?  Was it scary?  Do you miss the place you moved from?  Do you like this new place better?  OR... If you could move any where in the world where would you like to go and why?

It’s National Preservation Month:  Here’s the scenario:  You’re out sailing with your parents; there’s a storm and you get marooned on an Island.  Whether it’s inhabited or not is up to you, but you’re shipwrecked with supplies for one week.  Tell me how you preserve the food and supplies and survive!  OR … Why is it important to preserve our natural resources? Do you think young people can  make a difference?  OR… which endangered species is your favorite?  How can you help preserve them?

writing prompts for may, may writing promptsIt’s National Salad Month.  Design a super salad for the salad eating contest and win a $500 prize.  You’re the winner!  What’s the name of your salad, what does it taste like; what are the ingredients, and what do you do with the money?

Happy National Smile Month! Make a list of the top 10 favorite things that make you smile and explain why.  OR… Tell me who you think has the prettiest smile in your school or TV/Movie Star etc.

It’s Personal History Month, sooooo write your mini biography starting with your birth and ending with today!

Teen CEO Month is in May.  If you could be a CEO of a company, what kind of company would that be?  What would you be making/marketing etc.  What  would the name of your company be?  Include your mission statement and philosophy etc.  OR…do some online research and find some real teen CEO’s what did they do and which one is your favorite and why?

It’s Self-Esteem Month: What kinds of things can you do to boost your self-esteem?  Do you think you have good self-esteem?  How can you make it better?

National Family Month is in May. What are the things you like the most about your family?  What are the things you think your family can improve on? 
What would you like to change about your family?



writing prompts for may, may writing promptsThe 1st –7th is Be Kind to Animals Week.  What’s your favorite animal and why is it your favorite?  OR…If you could have any pet in the world, what kind would you have and why?  What would you name your pet?  What would they look like? What would you do with them?  How would you take care of them? Details please.

This week is also Flexible Work Arrangement Week: You can have any job you want with any hours and days of the week that you want to work.  Sooooo, what kind of job do you have and what is your “flexible work arrangement?”

This week is also Kids Win Week! Have you ever won anything?  Write about it.  OR… If you could win any contest or thing what would you like to win and why and then what would you do when you won it?

National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week is also this week.  (Busy week hey?) What kinds of things cause you anxiety?  How can you help overcome those anxious feelings?  What kinds of things make you sad?  What can you do when you are sad?  OR…What’s the most anxious or sad you have ever been and what did you do?

It’s National Family and Pet Week this week so go do something special with them and write about it.  Make sure you hug everyone too as it’s also National Hug Holiday Week!

May 2-8th is Astronomy Week: Make it a point to lie on the grass and check out the stars.  Write about how that feels; what do they look like; what did you see?  Make sure you use lots of descriptive words. (adjectives!) OR…Go online and do some research on the planets.  Which is your favorite why?  OR...Do you think there is life on another planet?  Why or why not?  OR…You have just been abducted by aliens!  Tell me about the experience.

writing prompts for may, may writing promptsIt’s also National Wildflower Week: What’s your favorite wildflower? You can design your own wildflower.  What does it look like, smell like, feel like?  What have you named it?

It’s also Teacher Appreciation Week: Write a note to your teacher telling her why you like her/him and are thankful for the things they have done for you.

Happy Work At Home Mom’s Week too!  Is that your mom?  Let her know you appreciate her by writing her a note too.

The 6th-12 is National Nurses Week: Would you ever want to be a nurse?  Why or why not?

National Tourism Week starts the 7th and runs through the 15th.  You get to go on any tour in the world.  Where are you going?  When and who are you going with and why?

National Hospital Week is also that week.  Have you ever been in the hospital?  Write about that experience.

writing prompts for may, may writing prompts, writing promptsReading is Fun Week is the 8th-14th. Do you think reading is fun?  I do!  What kinds of reading do you like to do?  Where do you like to read?  What are your favorite books, magazines etc.?  OR… What could your teacher do to make reading more fun for you?

The 8th – 14th is Salute to Mom’s Week. Write about why you love your mom.  What things does she do for you that you really like.

The 15th-21st is New and Old Friends Week. Who is your best friend?  Why  OR…

Who are your newest and oldest friends?

National Backyard Games Week is the 23rd-30th.  What is your favorite backyard game and why is it your favorite?


Special Days:

may writing prompts, writing prompts for may, writing promptsHappy Mother Goose Day May 1st: What’s your favorite Nursery Rhyme?  Write it down and tell why you like it.

National Dance Day is also May 1st.  Do you like to dance?  Why or why not?  What’s your favorite kind of dance to do?

Happy Cinco de Mayo Day May 5th:  If you don’t know what that day is, look it up.  Would you like to live in Mexico?  Why or why not?  Would you like to go to visit Mexico?  Why or why not?

The 5th is also a National Day of Prayer.  If you feel so inclined say a prayer and write about how that makes you feel when you can talk to God.

Remind your teacher that May 6th is “No Homework Day!” How do you feel about homework?  Do you feel it’s really necessary? Where do you do your homework?  Do you get good grades on your homework?  Do your parents help you with your homework?  Does listening to music help you while you study or do you need quiet when you do your homework?

May 7th is Kentucky Derby Day: Watch it on TV.  Choose a horse.  Did yours win?  Write about it.   OR…Have you ever ridden a horse?  Write about that? OR….would you like to own a horse?  Write about that?

writing prompts, writing prompts for May, may writing promptswriting prompts, writing prompts for may, may writing promtpsMother’s Day is May 8th: Tell your mom you love her.  Write about why.

May 18th is International Museum Day. Have you ever visited a museum?  Write about that experience.  OR… Have you seen the movie Night in the Museum?  I cast you as the main character.   What would you have done?  OR…What was your favorite part/character in the movie?

May 18th is Visit your Relatives Day: What relatives would you like to visit and why?

This is also Turn Beauty Inside Out Day! What do you suppose that means?  Write about.

“I Need A Patch For That Day” is the 21st.  What do you feel you need a patch for?  Why?   Design the patch.  What does it look like?  Where will you wear it?

Neighbor Day is the 22nd.  Do you know your neighbors?  write about them.  OR…If you could have anyone in the world be your neighbors, who would you want them to be and why?

It’s Brother’s Day the 24th.  Do you have a brother?  Write a paragraph about him.  If you don’t, would you like one?  What would he be like?  What would you name him? Would he be younger or older?

writing prompts for May, may writing prompts, writing promptsThe 27th is National Wig Out Day, so wig out!  What will you do to do that, who do you want to wig out with, and how long do you want to wig out for?

It’s the Indianapolis 500 the 29th and you’re in the race! What are you driving, wearing, and who are you driving for?  Do you win?  Tell me the details?

Happy Memorial Day on the 30th.  What does this day mean to you?  What are your plans?  OR …if you could do ANYTHING on this day what would you do, where would you go, who would you go with?


I hope you have a magnificent May filled with wonderful writing!

writing prompts for April

For more writing prompts, click on the link.  I've made a booklet that contains some for each month on a variety of topics!  April's Page.

Younger writers can make a Class Rain Book. Click on the link to view/print one.

It’s National Car Care Month.  Here’s the scenario: You’ve reached your sweet sixteen birthday and you can now drive! Wahoo.  Your parents also happen to be millionaires so there’s a bow on top of your dream car waiting for you in the drive way! What kind of car is it?  What color, make, model, interior, extra’s …details please!  Where will you take it for your first spin and who will you have along and why?

It’s Couple Appreciation Month.  Who do you think is the cutest/best couple in your school, or on TV, in the movies, in literature, history etc. and why? or…What makes a great/lasting couple? Or…At what age do you think it’s appropriate to be a “couple” and why?

April writing promptsIt’s Frog Month. Pretend you’re a frog.  What do you look like?  What kind of frog are you?  Where do you live?  You’re a frog so give me a day in your life with plenty of description! Ribbit on.

It’s Home Improvement Time: You’ve got $5,000 to improve your home.  What projects are you going to tackle?  What will the outcome look like?  Or… you’ve got that much money to improve your room and make it a dream bedroom!  Describe it to me.

April writing promptsIt’s Keep America Beautiful Month.  How can young people make a difference?  Write about what you can do and then go out and do it!

It’s Month of the Young Child.  Write about your favorite memory as a young child.  Or…write about the rights of a young child.  Or…write about how young people can and should make a difference in our world and how you’re going about doing that.

It’s National Donate Life Month. Do you believe in donating your organs should you die in an accident so that someone could benefit by your gift?  Why or why not?  Write about it.

National Garden Month takes place in April.  You have just won $10,000 to make a dream garden in your backyard!  What does it look like? What will you plant?  Who will you get to help you?

It’s National Humor Month!  Do you have a good sense of humor?  Why is that important?  What are some of the things that make you laugh?  Write about these things.  Or… What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?  Or… who is the funniest person you know?  Tell me why you think they have such a great sense of humor or why you think they are so funny.

I’m not sure why April, instead of March is National Kite Month, but it is.  So build your dream kite and describe it.  Where will you fly it?

IApril writing promptst’s also National Pet Month! Your parents have just given you permission to go out and buy ANY; yes you heard correctly, ANY pet of your dreams.  So what are you buying and why?  What will you name your pet and what does it look like?  Plenty of details please.

April is National Poetry Month.  There are lots of different kinds.  Do a little research of the different types, choose one you like, follow that format, then sit down and write your very own creation!

It’s Physical Wellness Month.  What kinds of things are you doing to keep yourself healthy?  Could you do more?  Like what?

April is Prevent Animal Cruelty Month.  Have you ever seen anyone being cruel to an animal?  What can kids do about animal cruelty?  Have you ever been cruel to an animal?  Read about it in an article online.  Choose one of these things and write about it.

It’s Stress Awareness Month? Are you stressed out?  What causes stress in your life?  What can you do to reduce that stress?  What do you do now to de-stress?  Write about it.

Observe the Golden Rule week is April1-7th . Why is it so important to treat others the way we want to be treated?  Do you try to do this?  Challenge yourself this week to really try and do this all week long, then write how behaving that way affected your world.  How did you feel?

April writing promptsThe 1st through the 7th is also Laugh at Work Week.  What makes you laugh?  Write about it.  Little kids laugh 12 times more per day than older people.  Make it a point to laugh more this week!

The 3rd through the 9th is Explore your Career Options.  Write about what you want to be when you grow up and tell me why.

The 4th-10th is National Networking Week.  Who do you network with and why?  Include why you think networking is so important.

The 10th- 16th is National Volunteer Week.  Have you ever volunteered?  Write about what you did and why?  If you haven’t try it out!

Cleaning For A Reason Week is the 17th-23rd.  What will you clean and why?

April Fool’s Day is the 1st:  Write about a time you felt really foolish or dumb.

National Fun Day is also the first:  If the sky was the limit, and money was no object and you could do anything you wanted, or go anywhere you wanted on this day, what would you do for “fun” who would you do it with, and where would you go?

“Sorry Charlie Day” is also the first.  Write about something that you are really sorry about.

International Children’s Book Day is the 2nd.  What is your favorite children’s book and why?

It’s World Party Day on the 3rd.  Where in the world would you like to go “party” and what type of party would you like it to be, and who would you like to party with?

National Deep Dish Pizza Day is the 5th.  What kind of pizza is your favorite?  You’re having that at a party!  Who’s coming and why are you celebrating?

April writing promptsApril 10th is National Farm Animal Day.  What’s your favorite farm animal and why?  Or…YOU are a farm animal.  Which one are you most like and why?  Or… you get to live on a farm for an entire year if you’d like to.  Would you choose to do that?  Why or why not?

National Sibling Day is also the 10th.  Maybe you wish they were an animal on the farm, or banned to the farm.  I guess you could write about that…. Do you have brothers and sisters?  Write about what you like about them and what drives you crazy about them!  If you don’t have siblings write about the pro’s and con’s of that, or…if you could have a brother or sister which would you want and why?

National Library Day is the 12th.  Make a thank you card for your school librarian.  Have everyone sign it.  Write about why you appreciate her/him and having a school library.  OR….Write about your favorite library book, or your first trip to the library. Or… the importance of having a library. or…. Pretend you and your friends are locked in the large city library over night.  What would you do?

The 15th is “That Sucks Day!” Write about what sucks in your life.  Or… write about something that happened in your life that really sucked.

The 17th is Blah Blah Blah Day.  Write about what gives you the blahs.

April 21st is National High Five Day!  What do you think you do that deserves a daily high five?  Or…what’s the best thing you’ve done in your life that deserves the high five award?  Write about it.

april writing promptsApril 24th: Happy Easter.  Write about your favorite Easter. Or… Pretend you’re the Easter bunny and you deliver the baskets to the kindergarten children at your school one day.  Write about that adventure.  

April 27th is Secretary’s Day.  Write a note of appreciation to your school secretary.

April 30th is Sense of Smell Day.  Write about what it would be like to be without your sense of smell.  Or…. Pretend you are a dog and write a comical story about the day the puppies lost their sense of smell and how that happened.

April 30th is also World Healing Day.  Pretend you are a super hero and you have the power to touch a person and they are immediately healed.  Write a short story about your adventures.

Whatever you choose to write about this month I hope it's FUN-tastic for you!  Remember, the more you write the better you get at writing and the easier it becomes!

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