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1-2-3 Come Play Charades With Me

Charades used to be a really popular game for my grandma's generation. Lots of different versions of this classic, have evolved for more current gaming, so most children are familiar with it. 

charades in the classroom, verb games, verb activities, dictionary skills,I thought playing charades, would be an interesting way to build your students' vocabularies, at the same time reinforcing verb concepts, so I designed the packet: Lights, Camera, Action Verbs

This packet is not only an interesting and fun way to build students' vocabularies, but also reinforces verb usage, synonyms, and dictionary alphabetizing skills.

It's a quick and easy Daily 5 activity or a game students can play with a substitute teacher, or when you have a few extra minutes in your day.

charades in the classroom, verb games, verb activities, dictionary skills,The packet includes an action verb of the day poster, a cover for a student action verb dictionary, an alphabetical list of 172 action verbs, plus 172 mini action verb cards. 

Put a new verb on the poster each day.  Students can define it, use it in a sentence, plus add it to their dictionary and give as many synonyms for that verb as they can think of.  You could also ask them if this verb is ever used as a noun.

charades in the classroom, verb games, verb activities, dictionary skills,To play the Charades game, toss the verb cards into a container.  Gather the students in a circle and have them choose a card.  They have 30 seconds to act out their verb

You decide on the rules, if they can use props or a partner, sound effects etc.  Younger students can "sky write" the beginning letter to get students on the right track.

To keep the game fresh, challenge students to solve as many word cards as they can in a designated amount of time.  Keep track of their highest score to see if they can beat it each time you play the game.

Click on the link to view/download the Lights, Camera, Action Verb packet.

If you're looking for more verb activities, scroll down to check out the class-made Action Verb Book in the blog below or Action Verbs Get the Wiggles Out article below that, where I use verbs as a classroom management tool

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