Christmas Gifts for students

Not A Creature Was Stirring...especially this paper mouse!

I have some cute December stories that involve mice, which my Y5’s enjoy.  I like to follow them up with an activity I know they will enjoy.

Merry Christmas mouse is one that’s easy, quick and fun.  You can also review the oval and heart shapes with your students!

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  • Run off my master.
  • Gray construction paper looks nice, but if you want to make a cardstock template for children to trace, textured wallpaper that has silver tones looks awesome. I've also experimented with green bodies and red pom pom noses which look cute too.
  • I used metallic silver wallpaper with a hot pink nose in the photograph.
  • Children cut out their body.
  • You can also make a template of the heart and have students cut their own pair of ears, or run off hearts on construction paper and have them cut them out.
  • Depending on the age of your students you could expedite things and have them pre-cut by a room helper.
  • Students fold the point of their heart-ears by bending them forward. This will give their mouse a 3-D appearance. Using a glue stick, glue them to the head of their mouse. I have put X's on the master to assist students with placement.
  • To avoid a mess, and so things stay stuck, I use glue dots for the wiggle eyes and pom pom nose. Whenever I have a glue-dot step, I have students come up to the glue-dot table and I assist them one-on-one.
  • They pick up their wiggle eyes and pom pom nose (you could give them color and size choices) and then stick them to their mouse.
  • You could also cut the slit and have them insert their candy cane at this point.
  • Give them a piece of Scotch tape and have them tape their candy cane in place on the BACK of their mouse.
  • If you want your students to be able to use this as a Christmas ornament, you can make the mouse body smaller.  Simply shrink it on your copier, and use the smaller wiggle eyes and pom poms.
  • I think the large candy canes still look nice, but you could also buy the smaller candy canes.
  • I use bubblegum or cherry flavored candy canes, because in the past whenever we’ve graphed who likes peppermint, I’ve had very few who do.

Click on the link to view/print the Merry Christmas Mouse  activity.

Pop back tomorrow and see how to make adorable fingerprint keepsake Christmas Tree Ornaments!