iPods and iPads in the classroom

ipodYay or Nay for the latest gadget that's come into the classroom?

Some of the mail rings I frequent have been all-a-buzz about iPods and iPads and asking what everyone's favorite Apps are. 

iPadIf you have them and are using them in your teaching...How are you using them in the classroom? 

Are you buying them with money you were allocated? 

Are you using your own personal ones? 

Do the students take care of this new piece of equipment? 

Have you set down specific rules and procedures?

Do students come in knowing how to use them, like they do a computer or do you have to train them? 

I'd be interested in hearing your answers.  I do not own either and feel that my Y5's are a bit young to be trusted with yet another gizmo in the classroom. 

Perhaps I'm wrong.  Some of my students are extremely computer savvy and I'm amazed at their skill levels. 

In the meantime, click on the link for some favorite aps.

So convince me! diane@teachwithme.com