10 pages. This game is an excellent way to learn about community helpers.

12 pages. A quick, easy and fun way to study community helpers is via comparison and contrast. Venn diagrams are great for showing this concept. Includes 11 Venn diagrams comparing 22 community helpers + a blank template.

11 pages. This community helpers dice game, reinforces numbers 1-12, as well as simple addition. Graphics copyright DJ Inkers Used with permission.

30 pages. Use these community helper cards for your word wall, pocket chart, games, puzzles and booklets.
2 pages. Here is a helpful alphabetical list of over 300 community helpers and occupations.

8 pages. Make these treats for your students st the end of the year using the summer template, or the beginning of the year using the "Orange you glad you're in __________ grade" header.

10 pages. A sweet treat for the beginning or end of the year, for your students, Secretary's Day, a volunteer, Mother's Day, or Father's Day. A variety of toppers and puzzle pieces included.
2 pages. An alphabetical list of 63 of my favorite books about community helpers. If you have any you use when you teach your community helper unit, I'd love to hear from you.
3 pages. A fun, quick and easy writing prompt. Students write about why they like aummer including all of the things they get to do during vacation.
1 page. Something to think about.





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