22 pages

This emergent reader is a wonderful booklet to do before or after your zoo field trip, as most of the letters are associated with an animal.  When students get back read the booklet and discuss which animals the children saw. This FREEBIE is part of my large "Wild About The Alphabet Packet".  For your convenience, I've included a preview. 

18 pages.  Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3

This packet is a great companion to the Zoo Time Booklet.    I've included analog and digital time cards to the hour and half hour.  Use them as flashcards, in a pocket chart, or to play Matching and "I Have; Who Has?" games. 

7 pages.

Are you going to the zoo on a field trip?  Share the Zoo Time booklet before you go.  Attach a copy to your clipboard.  As you arrive and travel through the zoo, ask your students what time it is, then record it.  

12 pages.

Are you planning a field trip to the zoo?  If so, you'll find this a helpful packet for before and after your "ed-venture!"

4 pages.

If you don't have a zoo near you, or there's no budget or time for your kiddos to visit a real zoo, why not take them on a virtual fieldtrip?  I researched zoo websites to find the best virtual experience for your students and listed 8 of my favorites.  All of them are kid-friendly, many have live animal cams, videos, and games.  All of them contain a plethora of pictures and information suitable for animal reports.

8 pages.

This is an alphabetical list of 90 of my all-time favorite zoo books.  The hightlighted ones are my super-duper zoo-per faves.





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