4 pages.

20 ways to say 100 in different languages.  Includes a poster and bookmark.

1 page.

Looking for some new ways to praise your students, or a sweet note to give them on 100-Day?  I think you'll enjoy this list of 100 ways to praise.

4 pages.

Reinforce time to the hour with this fun digital and analog clock game for 100 Day. Students take turns rolling one dice to get numbers 1-6 for those times, and then roll 2 dice and add them together to get numbers 7-12. 

4 pages.

Here are 4 different writing prompts for 100 Day, that are set up as graphic organizers to help students organize their thoughts.

9 pages.

These are some different and interesting writing, counting and measuring activities, for your 100-Day celebration, that involve money.

7 pages.

Challenge your students to think about how they might look if they live to be 100.  Have them draw a self-portrait or use an aging app to create a photograph.  Suggestions and links for apps are included, as well as templates for an "Oldie 100-Day Pennant Banner."

2 pages.

"Reinforce" the 100 number, with this reinforcement hole 100 Day banner. Great fine motor practice too.

4 pages

Three "counting" crowns for 100 Day.  Look closely at the pictures and you will see how students made 20 groups of 5 on the 100 Day Rocks! crown, as well as 10 groups of 10 on the heart crown.  The crown with the circle "jewels" on it, has 104 circles and includes a guess-timation activity.

1 page.

A coloring page for 100 Day, was requested for preschool children to work on as a whole-group activity.  You can have older students put groups of 5 or 10 inside the number.  i.e. five X's, 5 smilie stickers, 5 dots, 5 stars etc. adding items 'til they have 100 things.

14 pages.

Help students learn to count backwards from 10 to 0,  forwards from 1-10, or skip count by 10's to 100.  You can laminate and use them as an independent 100-Day center or run off copies for each child to take one home for more practice. 





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