10 pages.

For an awesome, yet quick and easy MLK Day craftivity, have your students make this MLK Pinwheel Prompt

6 pages.

Students have a choice of 5 different MLK Day stationery pages to write on.  For a wonderful January bulletin board, mount completed work on a variety of colors of construction paper.

6 pages.

Here's a list of 60 interesting writing prompts to jumpstart your students' creative minds.

3 pages.

Making a Venn diagram will help students organize their thoughts so that they are better able to write a comparison and contrast piece. Children can compare Barrack Obama, the first black President, with MLK or choose the Venn diagram comparing him with Mahatma Ghandi

6 pages.

Your students will enjoy this New Year writing prompt as they reflect about things they'd like to do less of, like fighting with a sibling, goofing off, being late, . . . as well as things they think they'd like to do more of: studying, reading, exercising etc.  

4 pages.

What do students see in their future for the New Year?  This "craftivity" makes a fun January writing prompt.  Students can write their goals, resolutions, or hopes for the New Year around the glasses.  So that you can redo this activity each year, I've included numbers for any year in the future.

12 pages.

Students reflect on the past and jot down memorable moments inside that year, as well as activities, goals, hopes for the New Year.  Includes pages through 2024.  Mount completed reflections on construction paper for an interesting January bulletin board.

4 pages

When your students return after Christmas break, have this interesting writing prompt ready for them.  Run off the balloons on a variety of colors of construction paper.  Students choose one, trim and complete the 3 writing prompts.  A school photo adds that finishing touch. 

4 pages.

6 parade-themed writing prompts for the New Year.  Also includes a Venn diagram so students can compare and contrast the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with the Tournament of Roses New Year's Parade.

2 pages.

Venn diagrams are an excellent way for students to organize their thoughts before a comparison and contrast writing prompt.  There's a Venn diagram comparing 2 snowman characters, as well as one comparing 2 snowman books of their choice.

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